An Entertaining Look at Names and Naming

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We all get to name something in our lifetime.  We can treat the occasion as a solemn duty, a mindless chore, or a chance to express our creativity or our sense of humor.  In any case, we seldom realize what power there is in naming something—in creating a string of syllables that others must use.  It is like inventing a new word for the language.  Even if the sounds and spelling are old, that new label you assign to someone or something gets a new definition, a new meaning for the people around you—and maybe, if fate dictates, for the whole world.

Names List

Famous Cowboy Names

Western movie stars

Western Characters of Film and TV

Legends of the Old West

Sports Team Names

Baseball Team Names — A list of Major League Baseball team names, past and present.

Major League Baseball team standings — Sort teams by statistics from 1901 to the present.

Basketball Team Names — A list of professional team names, past and present.

National Football League team standings — Sort teams by statistics from 1933 to the present.

Hockey Team Names — A list of professional team names, past and present.

All Professional Team Names; Sortable — A list of professional sports team, past and present.

List of Colleges & Universities — A complete list of college and university team names in the United States.

Other Name Lists

Famous Dog Names — Dog movie stars, and other famous canines.

Famous Ship and Boat Names — A list of famous sailing vessels.

Famous Fictional Sleuths — Private detectives in books, movies and TV.

Famous Masked Heroes — What were they called during their day job?

Famous Streets, Roads and Byways — Famous Street and Roads the around the world.

List of U.S. Presidents — Sort by biographical facts, like number of siblings, heigth, etc.

The Chemical Elements — A list of the chemical elements, sortable on several characteristics.

State Names — Origins and meanings of the American state names and other facts.

Renaming the States — What if we could rename the States...

Name Generators

Boat Name Generator — Got a boat to name?

Street Name Generator — Want to invent a pastoral name for a street?

Fictional Name Generator — Create your own fictional name

Indian Name Generator — Create your own Indian name

Naming Fun

Hair Raising Names — Barbers are great at creating pun-ishing names for their businesses.

Common Name Phrases — Many first names have become part of the English language.

Silly Business Names — Some clever business names aren’t so clever.

Jack O’ Words — The name Jack is part of many common English phrases.

Articles about Names

What is a Name? — That question is finally answered.

Strong Names/Weak Names — Why are some names stronger than others?

Commercial Names — You don’t buy a good commercial name, you sell it.

Place Names — Surveying the names of states and cities in the United States.

Street Names — The story of street names in the United States.

Sports Names — A look at the game of naming sports teams.

You Are Not Your Name — Don’t take your personal name personally.

Surnames and Her-Names — The history and future of last names.

This and That Names — How we name pets, boats, churches, newspapers and more.

The Johnson Formula — How many people do you know? Try this.


Other Web Sites About Names

  Name Meanings — The meaning of names and much more.

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