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Jack O' Words

Jack is a fairly common English and American first name.  But it is also found in many words and phrases.  Here is a list of “jack o’ words” with brief definitions.

almaco jack — type of fish

amberjack — type of fish

applejack — fermented cider

bar jack — type of fish

Billy Jack — title of a movie

Black Jack — brand of chewy gum

black jack — card game

Black Jack — titles of songs, movies, etc.

black jack — type of fish

bluejacking — sending of messages over Bluetooth

bootjack — instrument for drawing off boots

brace jack — scenery prop device

Cheap Jack — peddler of cheap goods

cheap-jack — unscrupulous

Cracker Jacks — caramel corn

crackerjack — expert in some field

crevalle jack — type of fish

Farmer Jack — grocery chain

flap jack — pancake

Happy Jack — Arizona town; a song and play

hijack — to steal an occupied vehicle

jack — device to lift heavy objects

jack — electronic connector

jack — face card in a deck

jack — male donkey

Jack — man’s name

Jack — name of several movies

Jack Adams — a fool

Jack and Jill — fairy tale

Jack and the Beanstalk — fairy tale

jack bean — bushy plant

jack block — block used on a sailing ship

Jack Brag — braggard

jack chain — kind of chain

jack cheese — Monterey Jack cheese

jack crevalle — carangid fish

Jack Daniels — whiskey brand

Jack FM — name of a brand of radio stations

Jack Frost — personified cold

jack head — part of a jack; other meanings

Jack in the Green — participant in English May Day parades

Jack Ketch — a public hangman

jack knife — to fold like a jackknife

jack ladder — nautical ladder made of rope

jack lamp — camping lantern

jack light — light used as a lure in hunting at night

jack mackerel — edible fish

jack Mormon — Mormon not active in the church

jack o’ the clock — clock bell ringing figure

jack o’ the dust — navy person in charge of provisions

jack oak — kind of tree

jack of plate — type of armour

jack off — to masturbate

Jack Out of Office — one no longer in office

jack pine — scrubby pine

jack plane — carpenter's plane

jack post — floor beam support

Jack Pudding — buffoon who does pudding tricks

jack rabbit — large hare

jack rafter — short roof rafter

Jack Rose — cocktail made with apple brandy

Jack Russell terrier — a dog breed

jack salmon — walleye fish

Jack Sprat — nursery rhyme name

jack stand — adjustable garage support

jack straw — scarecrow, a peasant rebel

jack tar — sailor

Jack the Ripper — legendary killer

jack yard — sailing spar

jack, the — referring to a flag

jack-a-dandy — little foppish fellow

jack-a-dreams — man of inaction

jack-a-lent — stuffed puppet pelted in Lent

jackanapes — impertinent fellow

jackaroo — inexperienced Australian sheep rancher

jackass — pack animal

jack-at-a-pinch — man use in emergencies

jackatar — native of New Foundland

jack-at-bowls — the butt of all the players

jackboot — military footwear

jackdaw — small crow

jacket — piece of apparel

jackfruit — tropical fruit

jackhammer — automated hammer

jack-in-office — a conceited upstart official

jack-in-the-box — a childs toy

jack-in-the-hedge — plant growing in hedgerows

jack-in-the-pulpit — flower

jackking — a form of dance

jackknife — pocket knife

jackleg — unskilled worker; strikebreaker

jacklight — portable light

jacklighter — person who fishes at night

jackline — rope or wire strung from a ship's bow

jack-of-all-trades — one of many talents

jack-o-lantern — hollowed out pumpkin

jack-pan — barber's pan for heating water

jackpot — the winnings of a contest

jack-rib — inferior rib in an arch

jack-roll — turning rod of a well

jacks — child's game

jackscrew — lifting device

jackshaft — short shaft coming off a motor

jacksmelt — fish

jack-snip — a botching tailor

Jackson — common surname

jackstaff — small vertical spar in the bow of a ship

jackstay — rope, bar, or batten placed along a ship's yard

jackstraws — pickup game

jack-towel — long servants towel

jack-up — kind of drilling rig

jacky — pint of gin

jumping jack — dancing toy

Kangaroo Jack — title of a movie

leatherjack — type of fish; pilot fish

Little Jack Horner — nursery rhyme name

lumberjack — one who cuts tall trees

Monterey Jack — kind of cheese

Mountain Jack’s — restaurant chian

one-eyed-jacks — certain playing cards

phone jack — cord receptacle

pump jack — oil well machine

roasting jack — device for turning a spit

skipjack — kind of tuna fish

skyjack — to take over an airplane

smoke-jack — chimney spit

steeple jack — one who climbs steeples

supplejack tree — a tree native to Australia

Union Jack — the British flag

Whiskey Jack — bird found in Canada

yellow jack — ocean fish type

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